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Wonderful to work with. Their estimate was lower than competitors. They included more work and when on site, they did even more than originally agreed to! Workers were respectful and clean up was terrific. I can be a tough customer, and I would highly recommend Brad (owner) and his team
Baylor’s Top Notch Tree Service was amazing!! High quality, fast work with an awesome clean job afterwords, they made quick work of the 15 fead trees I wanted them to remove. I have dealt with many contractors in my regular job, and Baylor’s was the easiest I ever had to work with. I was lucky to hire them and we recommend the Baylor team to anyone!
Baylor’s Top Notch Tree Service took down a very tall, vine-choked pine tree next to our house. We were delighted with every aspect of their work, from initial visit/estimate to taking the tree down without harming a Japanese maple tree at its base, to stump grinding and cleanup. I would use them again without reservation and recommend them highly.
Baylor’s removed several very large trees from my property with almost surgical precision. They were prompt, professional and curtious. They cleaned up all the debris so well that the only tell tale that they had been there was the absence of the trees. While tree work is expensive, I felt their prices were fair, and they made suggestions to help reduce the cost. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a tree service.

Tree Removal Specialists

Though we offer tree removal as a service, we very much encourage the conservation of mature healthy trees. The presence of mature trees delivers a long list of benefits to you and your landscape. Trees provide an ecosystem and habitat for local wildlife. Mature trees can act as a filter, capturing a variety of harmful air pollutants therefore reducing the amount we then breathe. We all know that trees produce oxygen but did you know that one mature leafy tree can produce nearly 260 lbs of oxygen each year!

Trees also act as a sound barrier reducing considerable amounts of noise pollution. Not to mention the studies of the psychological benefits of trees. They have found patients heal quicker and with fewer complications with a view of trees from their windows and a reduced crime rate in neighborhoods with greenery, proving an overall positive impact on individual and group mental health. Even with a glowing resume like that, there are times that removal of a tree is necessary. If the tree poses a hazard to people, property or structures it should be removed.

Trees are living beings like us and do not last forever. Trees in decline are typically suffering from a variety of living and nonliving stresses. The decision to remove a tree should not be taken lightly, the safety of property and personal must be a priority. In the event that a tree must be removed, our experienced crew is qualified to execute any tree removal with ease and professionalism.  Removing a tree is an extremely complex and hazardous job that requires skill, expertise and proper training to ensure it is completed safely and efficiently. It is essential to hire a professional tree service.  

Indications your tree may be declining:


Frequently Dropping Dead Branches


Decay Producing Fungi Such As Mushrooms / Conks Growing At The Base Of The Trunk


Large Open Wounds Or Cavities In The Trunk


A Separation Of The Ground Contoured Around The Root System, Indicating An Uprooted Tree


Dead or Hanging Branches In The Upper Crown Of A Tree


Sudden Sprouting From The Base Of The Tree


Peeling Bark Or Cracks / Vertical Seams In The Trunk


Carpenter Aunts. Their Nest Consists Of Tunnels And Chamber Chewed Through Soft Wood. Their Presence Is A Sign Of Preexisting Decay In The Tree

Happy Customers

5 out of 5 stars! They did a great job taking down my 3 backyard trees. No issues and totally cleaned up and hauled away cuttings and debris. Very fair price. Would highly recommend
They took down 2 med size trees-good clean up too. Nice to talk to. They ground out the stumps also I asked. Fair price -I shop around.
This company is beyond Top Notch. After a horrendous late summer storm , Baylor’s came and removed several large trees that were a threat to both my home and barn. The crew was great and I had the utmost of confidence in their professionalism and knowledge. My wife and I feel much safer with the trees removed and this a terrific burden lifted . I have already recommended Top Notch ( with pleasure) to two friends who have used the service and share my comments about this company. Thank you Top Notch for a job well done beyond my expectations!
I have to say that I am not one to leave reviews. I feel you really need to exceed my high expectations to get a review and let me tell you that Baylor’s Top Notch Tree Service is outstanding. They just removed 2 50-60 foot silver maples from my backyard in under 6 hours. And that includes it all cleaned up and cleared away. They were very pleasant and respectful. They took care to make sure they weren’t doing any damage to my yard or things in it. All that great service and they are very competitively priced. I would be surprised if you could find a better price for such amazing service. I am so glad I chose Baylor’s and would use them again. I would use no one else. They are top notch, just as their name states. Thank you Brad, Sam and crew, you guys are absolutely amazing.

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Baylors Top Notch Tree Service

Baylor's Top Notch Tree Service provides the Allentown, Bethlehem & Easton area with tree services of all kinds. We maintain professional, prompt, and top notch tree services to Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Hellertown, Macungie, Slatington, Orefield, Schnecksville and all of the areas in between.