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Root Zone Enhancement

The roots of a tree soak up moisture if the soil is loose and has adequate pore space to do so. If unable to penetrate the surrounding soil the fine absorbing roots will begin to circle the trunk. The trunk is not accustomed to growing under soil. It grows above ground where conditions are dry. But when mulch or dirt is piled around the base of a trunk (this area is called the root collar), it stays moist thereby suffocating cells due to water saturation. As the cells become damaged, they are not able to perform their duties, which include gas exchange and moving carbohydrates (food) through the plant, just to name a few.

Furthermore, this mound allows the tree’s roots to grow around the trunk. As the roots encircle the trunk, they begin girdling it. The girdling action literally strangles the tree and deprives roots and canopy of necessary resources. As the tree declines in health, it becomes more susceptible to attack from insects, diseases, and harmful fungi, which cause further harm. Soil compaction is a primary cause of tree decline while secondary pests get the blame. The force of compaction causes the soil aggregates to break into smaller particles, reducing the amount of pore space in the soil and increasing the bulk density. The reduced pore space hinders aeration, water infiltration, and root penetration. A lack of soil oxygen and poor water drainage retard root growth, jeopardizing the health of the tree.

To give an analogy, a human with a weak immune system is more vulnerable to catching colds, the flu, and other illnesses. Healthy soil equals healthy trees better able to withstand pests and pathogens

An Air Spade uses great volumes of compressed air to remove and break up soil — even clay — without damaging roots, cables or buried utility lines. Root pruning is done to remove any girdling roots. A prescription blend of amendments (mycorrhizae and special blend fertilizer) is mixed into the soil and covered with mulch. The tree responds to treatment by growing fine feeder roots to better absorb the rich nutrients and water.

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Ive been worried for some time about a tree in my back yard. I spoke to Brad and he promptly scheduled a consultation visit. He was very courteous and professional. He examined my tree and explained the process thoroughly. Brad provided the best service at a great price. His crew was clean, quick and did a great job. Its easy to see that hes passionate about his work and is a people person. I’m so thankful that my tree has been taken care of. I would gladly recommend Brad to anyone who needed tree service.
This company is amazing! They came out within 24 hours of a tree splitting on my parents lot, and they were super efficient at taking it down. The tree would have most likely fallen on my parents house had they not gotten there so quickly. They were able to get a crew out on the Sunday of Memorial day weekend and we were so grateful!
Had a great experience with Baylors Top Notch Tree service , they did great job cutting down several trees and they have a one of the best stump grinder I ever seen to tackle all the stumps I had them grind up.They were very professional , reasonable prices and quick and organized and clean , would recommend them to anybody !

Baylors just removed 5 huge trees in my backyard. They were awesome. Professional hard working friendly crew with great hands on owners. PLEASE do yourself a favor and look no further than this company if you need tree work done. I guarantee you will be completely satisfied when they are done.

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