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We cannot talk about properly pruning a tree without first stressing the harmful effects of topping trees. Topping is defined by cutting back or removing the entire crown of a tree. This is no longer an accepted practice in arboriculture. Topping is not only harmful to trees but actually illegal in some parts of the country; a certified arborist will not top your trees. We are amazed how many of our clients request this service by name as it appears to still be common practice in the Lehigh Valley. Homeowners sometimes feel their tree has grown too large and fear it poses a threat to their home or property. Topping a tree is not a sustainable approach and does not reduce the risk of tree failure. Tree topping offers a short term solution that creates long term problems for the tree and ultimately you, the homeowner. 


    • The harmful effects of topping begin with the starvation of the tree. The leaves are the food source producing the energy needed for survival. 
    • The canopy of a tree acts like an umbrella protecting the bark tissue from the harmful effects of the sun. Removing considerable amounts of foliage puts the tree at risk for sunscald.
    • The cuts made to top trees leave large stubs. The location and size of these cuts make it difficult for the tree to seal the wound, leaving them defenseless against insect and decay infestation. 
    • The tree will quickly try to replace lost foliage by producing many elongated shoots. These limbs are weakly attached, often very crowded and prone to breaking. 

 If you feel your tree has gotten too big and has outgrown its space, there are alternatives for you to consider. Sadly enough, removal and replanting with a better suited species is sometimes the safest option.


Pruning Techniques

 There are many reasons you may want your trees pruned. Your end goal is our priority and we offer the solution to get you there.

Crown Cleaning is the removal of dead, decayed, crossing or weakly attached branches from the canopy of your tree. Major problems can be avoided with regular pruning of this technique.

A Crown Reduction is the most viable alternative to topping a tree. To effectively reduce the crown of a tree, large limbs are pruned back to healthy lateral branches at least 1/3 the diameter of the branch being removed. This is done to ensure the lateral branch is suitable enough to assume the terminal role. The natural form of the tree is well-kept and no more than ¼ of the foliage removed.

Crown Raising is done to elevate the canopy of the tree by removing the lower branches. Often times this is done to provide vehicular and pedestrian clearance, improve the visibility of roadway signs, and permit lawnmower access.  

Crown Restoration is a technique that can improve the structure and form of a tree that has been previously topped. Restoration of the tree is done by selectively removing certain branches to allow remaining branches to become sustainable limbs. This is a multi-part series to improve the tree’s architecture and is completed over many years.  

Crown Thinning is often requested to improve the appearance of the tree as well increase light and wind penetration.  This service can often be satisfied by crown cleaning with a structural prune of the tree. Crown density is reduced whilst retaining the individual and natural shape of the tree.

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“Excellent removal of a massive Weeping Willow tree! Baylor’s has a team of true professional, knowledgable, courteous, and thorough young men!! – Worked non-stop with removal of tree – and clean up was exceptional!! My husband and I are so pleased that this job was completed safely…and are MORE than thrilled with the outcome! – Pricing was very reasonable! – We recommend this outstanding company to anyone who is in need of tree work!”

Kate Frantz – Allentown, PA

“My husband and I had Baylor’s Top Notch out last year to take down a tree that was leaning dangerously close to our home. The owner, Brad Baylor, was a professional. His crew worked together like a well-oiled machine. They were at our home the exact time he said they would be and did exactly what he said he would do. Their clean up was exceptional, it looked like they were never there. It is not often you find a business as impressive as this one.”


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